Career Opportunities for New Real Estate Agents

Many brokerages shun new registrants for various reasons:

  • Too much work.
  • Too much training.
  • Low results.
  • Not worth it.

At Forest Hill Real Estate Signature branch, we LOVE working with new registrants.

When you (a new registrant) decide to join our company, it is one of our managers that will immediately take you under our wings.

  • We will sit beside you and help you fill up RECO application papers and TREB papers.
  • We will see that all the information is filled, all dates are correct and all signatures are in place.
  • We will see that all the documents that you are required to attach are properly attached.
  • We will explain to you all the licensing costs that you as a member of CREA, OREA, and TREB are obligated to pay.
  • We will explain to you what independent contractor means in our business and the tax advantages to you.
  • We will go over the contract and make you feel comfortable with what you are signing.
  • You will be very pleasantly surprised at the easy terms of our contract, including: no minimum production requirements, no penalty when (if) leaving the company, and no obligation to stay on for a long period of time. This may be one reason we have agents at Forest Hill that have been with the company since its inception over 30 years ago.
  • You will immediately be allowed to participate in our office weekly and monthly meetings and learn valuable selling techniques while listening and sharing experiences with your colleagues.

It's important to align yourself with a well established brokerage, experienced management, which provides ongoing support and training to new real estate agents. As a new licensee, you have to seriously ask yourself the following questions before joining any brokerage:

  • How important is an upscale brand to you when you are new to the industry?
  • How important is one-on-one training?

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